Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Co-blogging and the future of Renee's Library

Hello everyone, I know it's been a while, but I plan on making a comeback. :D

Today I'm writing to announce that in addition to this blog and my cross stitching blog (http://nitzascrossstitch.blogspot.com/), I have now become a co-blogger with four other bloggers on BookBooks&MoreBooks (http://theshortone08.blogspot.com/). I met the creator of the blog, Martha, in a group on goodreads.com and she said she was looking for bloggers, so I volunteered along with two others. However, I am not abandoning this blog (although at this point it seems like I have). BooksBooks&MoreBooks (or BBMB for short) is mostly YA novel reviews and Martha has allowed me to posts my reviews here as well (although I'll change them a bit before posting them here). Plus, I will also review Adult fiction and memoirs here. 

So check out BBMB and be prepared for new reviews here as well in the coming weeks. Renee's library will continue! 

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